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The Purpose of Massage Therapy On a daily basis, people develop tension in their bodies due to stresses at home or work. Old and new injuries, poor posture and poor health habits can contribute to tense, tired, aching muscles that may inhibit our ability to function to our fullest capacity. A therapeutic massage will help you restore balance and wholeness in your life. This balance is achieved by relieving tension in your body and by providing a quiet, peaceful atmosphere for your complete relaxation. Techniques include, but are not limited to: Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Massage Pregnancy/Infant Massage Muscle Release Technique Myo Fascial Release Technique Onsite Chair Massage Out Calls to Home Bound The Benefits! Feels great! Reduces stress Reduces recovery time from muscle strain and injury Prevents cramping and stiffness after strenuous activity and workouts Increases muscle tone and felxibility Strengthens ligaments and tendons Reduces recovery time from colds, flu and other illness.
Massage Therapy Pain Relief and Much More
“...a truly valuable and therapeutic tool...” After a session at Abundant Life, I learned that massage can be a truly therapeutic and valuable tool to help reduce pain and increase range of muscular movement. I would recommend anyone to try a session with Faye and experience for yourself the effects of massage.” Jim W.