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Sauna Reproducing the Sun’s Healthy Warmth
Far infrared heat is a heat source that reproduces the warmth of the sun’s far infrared rays. These infrared heat waves travel through the air until they meet an object─you─where they penetrate the tissues and warm them. Because the infrared heat waves only heat twenty percent of the air in the sauna room, you will get a great sweat in the far infrared sauna without needing to endure such high temperatures as traditional saunas. Sauna helps to: Burn calories Relieve pain Detoxify the body Regenerate and cleanse the skin Reduce stress and fatigue Increase blood circulation Boost the immune system
“I love the convenience of going to one place for all.” I am a busy mom of three, and I really enjoy the flexibility of being able to work out when my schedule permits. I often work out early in the morning, and the keyless entry allows me to get in at any time during the day or night. I also love the choice of equipment that provides a great cardio as well as strength building workout. Abundant Life has high quality elliptical machines, treadmills, circuits and weights. I love the convenience of going to one place for all.” Robin Honken